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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Reasons for Filling Failure

At Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore, we carefully monitor our patients for signs their fillings are wearing out and encourage them to contact us if they experience any sensitivity. Recently, scientists have learned more about the reasons fillings fail.

The new study shows that genetics are a major component of filling failure. This means that if a person comes from a family with a history of bad oral health, it is especially important for them to maintain regular hygiene and check-ups. The more predictable contributing factors were smoking and alcohol use, which are also associated with implant failure and oral cancer. The study only examined male smokers, but filling failure rates were higher for them than for nonsmokers, and people of both sexes who drank alcohol had higher failure rates.

An interesting finding of the study is that the new, white composite fillings used as an alternative to amalgam fillings work just as well as their predecessors. The white fillings are favored because they are more aesthetically-pleasing and don’t pose a risk of causing an allergic reaction, so it’s good news that they are just as long-lived and resilient.

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