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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Winter Lip Care

With another Buffalo-area winter upon us, we at Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore wanted to ensure our patients know how to protect their lips. This time of year, lips often get chapped, but damage can be prevented with the right precautions.

Our lips get dry and fragile in the winter because the cold air can’t hold much moisture. Our best bet to protect them outside is to keep our faces tightly covered and face away from the wind. But inside, we can station humidifiers around our homes and workplaces, particularly in rooms where we have to spend a great deal of time. Remember that very hot showers can dry out your skin. Applying lip balm regularly helps, particularly before bed. The only problem with that is that menthol and some other ingredients cause irritation to worsen in some people.

It’s not a good idea to keep the lips wet with saliva. This actually makes them dry out faster since saliva evaporates quickly. Keeping the lips under the teeth should also be avoided because it can cause misalignments. If your lips are dry because you have to breathe through your mouth, you may need help from an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

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