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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Digital X-Ray

If there is a way to better patient outcomes, you bet we will be on it. At Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore, NY, our number one priority is helping our patients achieve optimal oral health. One of the pieces of technology that help us achieve this goal is digital x-ray.

Digital x-ray is an x-ray system that does not need a darkroom for development of the pictures. The pictures are instantly displayed on a computer monitor. This technology saves us a lot of time, saves our patients’ time, it facilitates more accurate treatment plans, and it makes communication a breeze.

Putting the image onto the computer allows us to use tools that give us a closer look than ever before. Software also allows us to see changes in the mouth that could have previously been missed by the naked eye. This means more accurate diagnoses, treatment, and better patient outcomes.

Being digital means that we can print, save, or send the image. We can refer back to it for future visits and know exactly what kind of changes we are looking for. They can also be sent to other doctors for second opinions or to insurance companies instantly.

Along with these fantastic benefits, digital x-ray uses much less radiation, so it is safer for the patient. To learn more about the technology we use here at Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore, NY, call us at (716) 877-2275 or visit our website,

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rotary Endodontics- New Technology for Successful Root Canals

As new technology becomes available, we like to keep up. One of the ways we do that here at Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore, NY is by utilizing rotary endodontics. In the past, manual files had to be used to perform root canals. These days, rotary endodontics allows us to perform fast and gentle root canals with better results.

Rotary endodontics consists of a more flexible file that is attached to a dental drill. In the past, a rigid, steel file was used to manually clean out root canals. The flexible files allow us to reach down deep into the root canal without stretching the canal. This avoids damage and reduces pain both during the procedure and afterward. The electric drill allows us to be quicker and quieter.

If root canal stories of the past have scared you away from getting a necessary procedure performed, do not fear any longer. With the advancement of our dental practice, root canals barely cause any discomfort. To schedule an appointment with Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore, NY, give us a call at (716) 877-2275 or visit our website,

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What Turns Teeth Yellow?

As humans, our teeth consist of four types of tissues: dentin, pulp, enamel, and cementum. The pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth followed by dentin and the outer layer which is enamel. The cementum portion of the tooth is located at the base of the tooth, which holds the tooth in place along the jawline. When these parts of your teeth become yellow in color our doctors at Advantage Dentistry can discuss treatment options with you.

Dental enamel coats each tooth and acts as a protective shield. When the enamel erodes from too much acidic exposure, it causes yellowing to occur. Dentin which is the middle layer of the tooth naturally gives teeth a yellowish color. Dentin makes up most of the tooth and is a hard, yellow substance. Environmental factors can also cause teeth to turn yellow and so can different medications, smoking, and age. Smoking not only yellows teeth but it can do the same to fingernails. Age can factor into teeth yellowing because, over time, our enamel wears off, exposing dentin. Excessive tartar buildup can lead to yellowing of the teeth.

If your teeth are yellow, give us a call to discuss your treatment options. To learn more about services we provide at the office, visit www.advantagedentistry.comfor more information. To schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore, NY, call 716-877-2275.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Thank You For Your Testimonials!

Here at Advantage Dentistry, our staff appreciates feedback from our patients because it teaches us how to improve as a team. Our staff would not only like to thank Theresa Zimmerman for this five-star review, but we would like to thank her for being an excellent patient. If you recently experienced exceptional service from our office, please let us know!  

“I have neglected dental for many years, but after a few dental visits to Advantage Dentistry, I have had a lot of dental work done, and I feel better about going to the dentist. Dr. Oddo is an expert in the dental field. He gave me the opportunity to proceed at my own pace, which has helped to restore my trust in dental in general. If you are looking for dental work, this is your dentist Buffalo.” - Reviewed By: Theresa Zimmerman, Buffalo New York, December 30th, 2013.

To leave a review or to learn more about services we provide at the office, visit www.advantagedentistry.comfor more information. To schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore, NY, call 716-877-2275.