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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Why Should We Floss?

You just had your routine dental appointment and perhaps our doctor at Advantage Dentistry told you to floss more. But you didn’t listen and you went home and tossed the floss right in the junk drawer. Well, you better retrieve it because we are here to tell you why you should utilize this tool that fights against periodontal disease, tooth decay, and help you keep your permanent teeth for a lifetime.

Floss removes food particles that weren’t brushed away. These food particles feed on plaque and can turn into tartar if not removed. If you’re afraid to floss because your gums are bleeding this is the number one reason to floss more and not less. Gingivitis can be reversed by flossing at least twice a day for a week straight, but remember, you’ll need to keep up the routine to keep a healthy smile.

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