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Friday, November 17, 2017

Sensitivity with Fillings

When patients suffer from tooth decay, they know they can count on treatment at Advantage Dentistry in Kenmore. Our patients’ cosmetic care is of special importance to us, and the fillings we provide are not only high-quality but also colored to match patients’ teeth. But fillings work best when we have the cooperation of well-informed patients, which is why we want them to understand what it means if a tooth with a filling is sensitive.

Before a filling can be placed, the decayed enamel has to be drilled away. This may make a patient feel sore, but only for two days, at most. However, if pain spikes when the patient bites down or if the patient is unable to close their teeth together normally, the filling may be too high and need to be contoured.

High fillings are rare, but at some point, the bonding holding the filling in will break down. Fillings typically have a lifespan of about ten years. After that, cracks in the bonding will become a refuge for bacteria, which will continue to produce decay-causing acid and cause the tooth to need retreatment. Patients can avoid that by maintaining regular visits, so we’ll catch fillings that need to be replaced early.

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